The Irish Research Staff Association was set up in December 2006 under the banner of the Association of Research Contract Staff to provide help, advice and a voice for this group of workers nationally. More specifically, many contract researchers feel that there is no voice to represent them and that many of the problems that are unique to them have not been properly identified and addressed. By 2013 it was recognised that many of these same problems also extended to the wider research community as a whole. The decision was therefore to launch the international project ICoRSA to better reflect the wider membership.

IrishRSA will work with UCC and other relevant bodies to help address these concerns. We hope that this page will serve as a useful portal that Researchers can use to learn more about the issues that concern them and also as a forum for putting forward their opinions.

Our association was set up by, and is run by Researchers on an entirely voluntary basis. IrishRSA will strive to equally represent research staff at all stages of their careers. We strongly welcome comments or questions and can be contacted at irishrsa@gmail.ie.